4 ideal investments for beginners

Simply put on Google there are numerous sites with investment tips for beginners . But are the tips relevant? Are worth? All care is little, consult the sources well and distrust mainly those who offer you money quickly.

Every investment takes time, along with the time you devote to each one is what will ensure the return on a prosperous future. Start investing today, you too can start from scratch and achieve a life of financial success.

Good Investor Habits

There is no shortcut. Yes, there is no shortcut to getting rich with investments, first of all understand the real value that money has in your life.

The truth is that the money coming from an investment will provide you with a lot of things, such as: travel, good assets, financial reserves, etc.

And financial freedom? Think about the quality of life it can provide you, with money you can buy better conditions for you and your family.

For all of this to come true, start with a simple, saving to invest habit. Saving will have to consciously invest without financial worries.

Before you start investing, take a look at these tips below:

  • Make a financial plan – keep your inputs and outputs in a spreadsheet, see where you can save, and what you can set aside to invest.
  • Know what your goals are – definite goals are knowing where you really want to put your money.
  • Separate your goals by time – short, medium and long term.
  • Get Rid of Debts – If you have some kind of debt the first thing to do is to pay them off, you will only be able to save and invest once you are free of these financial backlogs.

4 Ideal Investments For Beginners

# 1 Fixed Income

The best investment for those who are starting to invest is fixed income, it is a security that is issued by a financial institution.

Institutions receive money from investors and in return offer a rate of return, which can be fixed or fixed.

Fixed income applications are:

  • Bank Deposit Certificate ( CDB )
  • Direct Treasury
  • LCI (Real Estate Letter of Credit)
  • Agribusiness Letter of Credit (LCA)
  • Debentures
  • Fixed Income Investment Funds
  • LC (bills of exchange)
  • CRI (Certificate of Real Estate Receivables)
  • CRA (Agribusiness Receivables Certificate)

Some of these investments carry high risks such as CRI / CRA and Debentures. The investor rating distinguishes it into:

  • Conservative
  • Moderate
  • Aggressive or bold

# 2 Selic Treasury (LFT)

The Selic Treasure is a very safe title. The yield on this bond is the basic interest rate. The Selic Treasury is favored by its low volatility, so its prices do not vary much in buying and selling. The good thing is that if you decide to sell the yield losses are small compared to the other securities.

# 3 Variable Income

If you have already started with fixed income, now is the time for variable income given that you are already a little more experienced.

There are many infinities of trading on low risk stocks. Most suitable for beginners are equity or multimarket investment funds and ETFs.

Equity investment funds are like a condominium where the investor is entrusting his money to the manager who will distribute equity in equity assets under an investment policy.

ETFS are index funds formed by corporate stocks. Profitability is indicative as Ibovespa and Small cap.

# 4 Direct asset purchase

This is known to be a high risk investment. For a beginner it is important to know how it works by doing a thorough analysis before making a decision. After the analysis you can carefully choose which companies are on the stock exchange, and which you want to invest.


There is a logic to getting rich, and it is as follows:

  • Win
  • Save
  • Invest

These three are the pillars for an investment; without them, your investment is at risk. Start by investing in more affordable alternatives, such as direct treasury bonds, or mutual funds.

If you already have a cash reserve, you can start thinking about investing for better returns in the medium and long term. Invest, but safely.

Therefore, obey your time and your financial condition. Invest with patience and discipline, and soon your goals will be achieved.

Never forget to always prioritize fixed income investments and have healthy stock exposure. Making good choices will undoubtedly have great results as a consequence.

Have you started your journey in the investment world? Which of these investments attracts you the most?

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