Current account for more than 10 years: that’s why it’s time to change it, today’s promo

Those who have had a current account for more than 10 years certainly pay more than those who have recently opened an account and it is also the Italian Central Bank that communicates it. The analysis conducted refers to the average costs incurred by current account holders during 2018.

Here are the details.

A current account 10 years old has higher costs

The survey conducted by the Italian Central Bank shows that the costs of new current accounts are lower than those of old accounts. In the latter, in fact, you almost always pay the basic fee and the cost of the debit card associated with the account. In modern accounts, especially online, you can also find zero costs with debit card included.

In detail, the survey shows that in 2018 the cost of managing a bank account increased by about € 7.50 compared to the previous year. For the postal current account, on the other hand, expenditure increased by around €4.9 compared to 2017, which was €2.1. The problem with these increases is first of all linked to the basic fee (Fineco, for example, will charge it from February) and then to the debit or credit card. In addition, the increase is also linked to the fees charged on transfers, automatic payments and booking fees.

But what are the most competitive accounts today?

Among the best current account offers, we would like to point out that of Banca Intesa Sanpaolo. Those under 35 years old can subscribe “Xme Conto” for free. By subscribing online you will also have the Xme Card Plus and the possibility to access Xme Salvadanaio. Intesa Sanpaolo informs that those who open it by 31 December will have a discount of 7.50 euros on the monthly fee for which the basic fee will be zero, the debit card fee will be zero, the stamp duty will be zero, cash withdrawals in Italy and abroad at ATMs will be zero euros and finally Sepa transfers in euros in online mode will not be paid.

Finally, those over 35 years old will be able to subscribe to the account. You will have a discount of 2 euros on the total monthly fee if you credit your salary or pension at least every 2 months and 6 euros on the monthly fee if you connect a portfolio management service. We are talking about “Eurizon Capital Sgr” or “Servizio Valore Insieme”.

Alternatively you can open the Widiba current account which will be at zero charge for new customers for the first twelve months. Instead it will be free forever if your salary is credited. In addition, until tomorrow, December 18, those who open it can count on a rate of up to 1.50%. By 8 January, however, you will have to activate a promotional captive line at 1.50% for 6 months.

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