Money at the bank: zero gains but the alternatives?

The entrepreneur/investor Cesare Rosati, as reported by Ansa, explained that this is the right period to invest and this also because from 2020 the Unicredit Bank will transfer the negative rates (imposed by the European Central Bank) to its customers. Obviously not all but only to those who will have deposits of money exceeding 100 thousand euro. The alternative is therefore to invest your money instead of keeping it deposited in the Bank.

Depositing money in the bank is no longer convenient

Until now, depositing the money in the Bank meant obtaining minimum interest based on the amount paid. But after Unicredit’s decision (which could soon be followed by other banks) to transfer negative interest rates to customers with deposits of more than 100,000 euros from 2020 will no longer work. This is because if you have deposited more than the stated amount you will have to make a payment to keep the money in the account. And who will have to pay? Well, the customers.

Cesare Rosati, who is the founder of the IoInvesto Academy, believes that blocking your money in the account means giving up the possibility of making a profit. This is also because in the Bank the costs are higher than the interest and from January, moreover, the interest will be negative. To date, the money deposited in current accounts is 1,400 billion. If this money is invested, it will generate a profit, otherwise it will produce costs according to Rosati.

But what to invest in?

Rosato suggests to invest both in real estate and in the stock exchange. Obviously investing in brick is much simpler than the financial market and is also a safer solution. In any case, to invest in the different fronts will require some preparation. In the brick, however, you will have a higher guarantee because if the investment will not give the profit you thought you will still have a house.

Warning: to buy a property you must have good strategies. If put in place, you can also get a discount of 50% while if the properties will sell almost immediately you can have a profit margin of at least 42% on the money invested.

In addition Rosato communicates that strategies used by law can also be used to pay only 1.40% of taxes.

The future of the real estate market

Rosato believes that there will be an increase in brick investment in the near future but at the same time this will generate a price increase that has been expected for years now. At the moment there is no consistency between the number of trades that are constantly increasing (thanks to the banks that provide loans) and the price of houses that do not rise. So, in order not to have any money at the bank (from which you do not earn anything) you can try to invest in the brick since the prices are still low as well as the interest rates. We remind you again that the liquidity on the current account does not generate any gain, on the contrary for some people from January they will have losses.

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