What is financial education and when is it useful?

Financial education is the activity through which it is possible to stimulate the self-determination of everyone; thanks to financial education, you can become aware of yourself and your expectations and attitudes, in order to deal effectively and successfully with all the changing circumstances and needs of life, with the dual result of achieving full personal development and being, therefore, in a position to contribute concretely to the well-being and progress of your family, your group of friends and/or colleagues and, ultimately, your community.

Financial education helps you, or helps your group, to face any decision making process with lucidity, increasing its effectiveness: this happens because each of us is always considered as the main agent of our development and, consequently, each of our choices exactly reflects our intentions and will.

The Financial Educator, in fact, considers all the aspects that distinguish you: from cognitive to affective-emotional and social aspects. The decision matures within your personal project: financial education, in the final analysis, and all affectionate financial self-education.

Financial education is not a cure or psychological support: it is a path that a qualified professional, the Financial Educator, proposes and indicates to you, but it is you who must responsibly follow it in order to achieve the set objectives that will be, themselves, the sign of your personal growth. The Financial Educator does not give you “good friend” advice and does not find plausible solutions for you. Financial education is not a shortcut but the way in which you can discover your potential and your personal resources to learn how to give the best of yourself, in family life, at school, at work, in relationships as a couple and with friends.

We define “transition phases” as those moments that are culturally perceived as critical (school, family, professional, cultural, personal welfare choices, etc.) but that bring with them a possibility of evolution, change and growth. In reality these are absolutely “normal” phases: they happen to everyone and constitute one of the most marked characteristics of our way of life. Nevertheless, we are often not ready enough to manage them in the best possible way. In these moments, referring to a professional able to bring out the best in you can be both the solution and the springboard for a personal evolution that will make us stronger, more mature and able to positively manage the difficult “phases” that await us in the future.

Your Financial Educator is at your disposal to support you on many occasions: do you want some examples?

  • You have just graduated and do not know whether to continue studying or start working;
  • You want to start working but you still don’t know what you really want to do “when you grow up”;
  • You have the possibility to change jobs but you don’t know if you should leave what you have been doing for a long time and start an activity that you have never done before;
  • You’re determined to achieve a goal you’ve set yourself but you can’t overcome some difficulties that have held you back;
  • You feel like your family or your couple don’t have the harmony that you expected or always wanted;
  • You don’t know how to deal with a child who has decided to leave home to move to another city or abroad;
  • You’ve left home and you’re afraid you can’t handle the relationship with your family and/or friends you’ve left behind;
  • You’re about to get married and you want to build or rebuild a new family;
  • You have recently arrived in Italy and you need to receive news about the functioning of the different services provided for people (health, transport, educational, etc.);
  • You want to start doing sport but, having never done it before or not knowing which one is the most suitable for your needs, you don’t know where to start;

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